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Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
Prélude en do dièse mineur, BWV 873
Prélude et fugue en fa dièse mineur, BWV 883
Prélude et fugue en fa majeur, BWV 880
Prélude et fugue en ré mineur, BWV 875
Prélude et fugue en sol mineur, BWV 885
Prélude et fugue, en si majeur, BWV 870
Prélude et fugue, en la majeur, BWV 888
Prélude et fugue, en la mineur, BWV 889
Prélude et fugue, en do dièse majeur, BWV 872
Prélude et fugue, et si mineur, BWV 893
Prélude et fugue, en mi majeur, BWV 878 

MASATO MATSUURA, Noh theatre dance
FRÉDÉRICK HAAS, harpsichord

Masato Matsuura, a master of Japanese Noh theatre, and Frederick Haas, a master of the harpsichord, have been partners in performances of Johann Sebastian Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier for many years.  Together, they tell a story with great elegance and power.  This unique programme offers music lovers the chance to hear Bach’s well-known works in a completely new context.  As the Noh dancer is like a medium who embodies the energy of the music, there is as much delight in seeing the music as there is in hearing it.

Presented by Arte Musica Foundation.

Ticket pricing :
30.44 $ - 25.87 $ (VIP MBAM) - 15.22 $ (34 and less)
Taxes and service fee not included.

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
514-285-2000, option 4
or in person at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts Ticket Counter



Salle Bourgie

Montreal, H3G 1G2


Starts: 2015-12-02 19:30:00


Festival Bach Montreal
+1 (514) 989 9668


30.44 $ à 15.22 $ + Taxes et frais de service